Steve Coogan

Gave a statement at the hearing on 22 November 2011 (PM) ; and submitted 2 pieces of evidence

Witness statement 9 November 2011

Coogan discusses and gives examples of intrusion and unethical conduct from his experience, under six headings: targeting other members of my family; stalking and surveillance; entrapment and blackmail; blatant falsehoods; general points; fear of tabloid revenge. He describes one alleged incident as ‘a dispassionate sociopathic act by those who operate in an amoral universe where they are never accountable’. Final passages relating to redress and a general conclusion refer to obstacles to action by victims such as cost and the fear of renewed exposure.

Oral evidence 22 November 2011

Afternoon session, beginning transcript p6

Questioned by Robert Jay QC, Coogan supplies additional background to and evidence for some of the incidents described in the statement. Presented with interviews he has given, he discusses conflicts between the wish to avoid publicity for himself or his family and his professional obligations, such as having to give interviews because of a contractual obligation to promote a film. These conflicts are sometimes complicated by a need or desire to respond to bad publicity or to mitigate damage.

Hearing Video and Transcript

22 November 2011 (PM)

Witness Statement

Written evidence given by Steve Coogan
Witness Statement for witness Steve Coogan


Oral Evidence given by Steve Coogan
Oral Evidence for witness Steve Coogan


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